Pill Box postcard design review and redesign

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Pill Box postcard design review and redesign.

Pill Box original postcard design

Scan of original Pill Box postcard received.

I often see postcard design that can look much better. Some companies successfully produce postcards in-house but a lot of the time, the services of a designer would help. For example, let’s take a look at a postcard design that came in the mail recently from a company called Pill Box. When the postcard arrived in the mail, I immediately dismissed it. Before I threw it away, I asked my wife if she would use it. Her answer was a quick “No”. The offer was not enticing enough to get her in to the store and the design did not catch her eye. The postcard was a welcome in the form of a discount offer for newcomers to the neighborhood.

After further review, the postcard seemed to be thrown together. The design looked rushed and not thought out. The copy was pieced together and they missed an opportunity to promote the idea of shopping local. I wanted to see if I could improve the design, copy and logo. In the section below, I will describe my thoughts behind each element. In a future post, I will look at the variable data part of the design, work out the print production and file setup.


This postcard design has two main things it is trying to achieve; get the potential customer to think about shopping local and to sign up for Pill Box Rewards. To achieve this, Shop Local and Pill Box Rewards will be emphasized in the new design. The first thing to do is focus on the composition, hierarchy and flow of the postcard. The composition will emphasize the idea of shopping local, the discount offer and rewards signup. The hierarchy will emphasize shop local on the front followed by the discount offer and rewards signup on the back. To emphasize the hierarchy, shop local will be stylized to stand out and the discount offer is highlighted with bold copy. For the rewards, a QR code was chosen to capture signups along with text for those who cannot scan the code. The flow is evident as it goes from top to bottom and pulls the eye with the personal welcome right on the top. From there we move into the copy.



My copy changes were in wording and font choice. The goal was to keep it personal, organized and inviting. I decided to honor the black and white color scheme and work within the constraints of the original design. Color would be a good enhancement but sometimes compromise is made to keep the printing cost down.

The original postcard could make a better offer to get potential customers to the store. Most would agree it’s easy to spend $25.00 in a pharmacy, making a $5.00 discount not that enticing to get someone in the door. A $10.00 discount on $25.00 would be a better offer.


Pill Box logo redesign for postcard design

Pill Box logo in black, maroon and blue.

Logos can be difficult to design but a creative solution is always possible. The logo used in this postcard is outdated and clip art based. The design attempts to show all the services provided versus representing the brand. I took the opportunity to revise the logo in the redesign and give it a fresh look.

The Results:

Revised postcard design for Pill Box

Pill Box redesign front and back.

I think this design would grab attention, get more people to the store and get them signed up for rewards. The copy also includes a tracking code to monitor customers that make a purchase. The same tracking code can also be segmented for email signups as well. That would lead to specific communication to show the customer why they need to shop at Pill Box.


This redesign was fun to do. It’s an example of how a postcard can be improved to encourage engagement and track customer response to have supporting data for review. I plan to go a little further and show how to impose for printing. Be on the lookout for the next post. Thanks for reading.