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Introducing Made in the MIA

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I designed my first t-shirt for WordCamp Miami last year and must say it’s harder than it looks. Although difficult, I was challenged to create a good design. Since then I became curious about t-shirt design to the thought of starting an online t-shirt site. Thinking about building an online site brought some additional thoughts about design, printing, fulfillment, marketing and selling. With many questions I decided to turn the whole idea into a project with the goal to create, market and sell t-shirts. I figure there nothing like learning by doing.

Project: Made in the MIA

Made in The MIA is a graphic t-shirt site representing the diverse culture and residents of Miami, FL. I grew up here in Miami and have some fond memories the culture. I remember Sugar Hill DJ’s, block parties, hanging at the mall as a teen, to seeing the city explode with even more diversity in people, food, music and art.

This is going to be a fun project but there is still a lot I do not know. There is a great amount of work to be done. I will start with a few shirt designs and figure out how to market and make sales from there. After launch, the goal is to sell 100 shirts. My wife heard me say this so I am kinda stuck with it. I will focus on that after the first sale comes through.

What I will learn:

  1. How to design a sellable product
  2. Production of the shirts
  3. How to market the shirts
  4. Determine ways to expand if possible

That’s all for now. Check back regularly for updates. I plan to share more about this project. Meanwhile, visit the website and signup to the email list for exclusive offers and perks. The launch is May 10, 2016.